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Every Vote Counts

UPDATE: Convicted felons now have an easier pathway to restore their voting rights. Please read the rules HERE.

Do-it-yourself Voter Registration Drive

Know the deadlines

The deadline for all change of address re-registrations within Washington is 28 days before an election. Anyone may register on-line HERE
NEW VOTERS to Washington State only, have more time - up until 8 days before an election - BUT must register in person during these last 8 days at the Whatcom County Courthouse, 311 Grand Avenue, Bellingham

Get the forms

Print the forms off the web HERE, and read the information about registering people to vote

Pick a Location

Democrats trend lower income, more likely renters, two-paycheck families, so they are busy, more likely to have moved recently, and have little time to think about registering. Go where they go:

  • Grabbing dinner at Grocery Stores
  • Picking up kids at schools and Daycare Centers
  • Waiting for a bus
  • Food Banks
  • Transitional Housing

Young people are also strongly trending Democrat.

  • High School lunch periods
  • Bars and restaurants nears schools and colleges
  • Bus stops near campuses and park & ride lots

Get Permission

Outside, if you stay on the public sidewalk you can collect registrations without anyone's permission, but don't block traffic into a business, or you'll generate complaints.

To stand in front of a business, between the door and their parking lot, you are on private property, and must get permssion. Politely check in with the management, saying that you would like to offer people the opportunity to register to vote, and see what happens. Some businesses are fine with it, others aren't. Don't argue, just pick another location. Most will ask you to be totally non-partisan, meaning no Obama buttons or t-shirts. If you've pick a good Democratic area, non-partisan is fine.

Draw Attention

Print and post signs ON YOUR BODY or nearby so people will know what you are doing without having to ask you or you to "accost" them. Also place the poster on the back of your clipboard, and hold your clipboard so people can see it, when you don't have customers. POSTER

Gather Your Materials

  • Clipboard (we have clipboards to loan, at the office 215 W. Holly, Suite B-27, Bellingham)
  • Forms
  • Pens
  • Posters

Register everyone who is interested

If someone says they're a Republican or otherwise voting against your favorite candidates, DO NOT DENY them a registration form. Hand them a form and let them fill it out. If they want you to turn it in for them, YOU ARE OBLIGATED TO TURN IN ALL FORMS. We definitely want you to collect and turn in completed forms yourself, rather than relying on the voter to do it.


Check over each form before letting the new voter get away.

Turn In Completed Forms IMMEDIATELY

Bring completed forms to the Auditor's Office or put them in the mail right away.

QUESTIONS: 647-7661, or call the Auditor at 676-6742.

Thank you for helping empower people to VOTE.