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Elected Officers, contact us through our office at 647-7661

Officer Position (positions elected by the PCOs)
Mike Estes Chair 220-1100
Rosalinda Guillen 1st Vice Chair  
Riley Sweeney 2nd Vice Chair
Aileen Satushek Secretary
Peggy Borgens Treasurer
Catherine Chambers State Committeewoman
Richard May State Committeeman

Committee Chairs, contact us through our office at 647-7661

Chair Committee (positions appointed by the Chair.)
  Affirmative Action
Artemis O. Campaigns
John McGarrity Candidates Vice Chair: Dan Raas
John Flancher Communications  
Andrew Reding Issues & Resolutions
Abe Jacobson Membership  
Daydre Phillips Outreach

Legislative Districts (LD)

LD Representative LD Region
Sherry Zeilstra 42nd North Bellingham & the rest of Whatcom
Hue Beattie 40th South Bellingham, western Skagit, & San Juan

Affiliated Clubs - Each organization has a seat on the Board

Club Representative Club Description
Lily Jaquith Western Democrats Western Washington University Democrats
Patrick Stickney Young Democrats Whatcom County Young Democrats
Linda Pace Women's Club Whatcom Democratic Women's Club


ADMINISTRATIVE, not Board positions, contact us through our office at 647-7661

Officer Position (positions appointed by the Chair.)
Gwen Groden Office Manager                                     647-7661
Judy Mullenix Membership Coordinator
Laurel Cook PCO Recruitment
Ruth Higgins PCO Recruitment
Naomi Murphy Letters to the Editor Group
Sharon Alford Newsletter Mailing
Ronalee Kincaid Data Entry