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Precinct Committee Officers (PCO's)

PCOs ("Precinct Committee Officers") are the neighborhood-level elected representatives of the party. Whatcom County has 178 precincts, and each precinct should have a PCO from each party.  PCOs are elected in even-numbered years to represent their precinct of residence.  They can also be appointed by the Chair, to serve a vacant precinct as an Appointed PCO.   Democratic PCOs are the qualified voters at the County and LD Democrats' meetings in December and January following the Primary, where they elect the Democratic Party Officers.

PCO's walk, ride or call their precincts before elections, informing neighbors and handing out Democratic voting recommendations.  They remind people to vote and spread the word about Democratic candidates.  They may have house parties, phone trees, or block captains.  There are many ways to do this job.

We are looking for PCO's!  If your precinct has no PCO listed, we are looking for someone to fill this spot. If your precinct already has a PCO,  you can be appointed as an Acting PCO for a nearby vacant precinct or you can assist your PCO.  Why not volunteer? Use our contact form and let us know if you would like to learn more.

Incoming 2017-2018 PCOs (take effect December 1 2016): see

Outgoing 2015-2016 PCOs (finish end of November 2016): see

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