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Our Values

Education is a cornerstone of a healthy democracy, and a thriving, competitive economy. A vibrant public education system ensures our nation’s bright future.

We must ensure access to equal educational opportunities for all students and foster respect for the diverse cultural communities of Whatcom County.

Deemphasize standardized testing and ensure that teacher evaluation is not tied to standardized test scores.

We believe schools should be a safe place for all students, faculty and staff. Personal and online bullying will not be tolerated.

The work of public educators is vital and their salaries and benefits should be comparable with other professionals with similar experience and educational requirements.

We oppose public funding of charter schools and school vouchers.

Public Higher Education must be affordable.

We support funding for Head Start, pre-kindergarten, vocational education, basic skills education, life skills education and smaller class sizes.

2016 Policy Priorities

Washington State Legislature: Honor the State Constitution mandate to fully fund K-12 education as stated by the Washington Supreme Court McCleary decision.

Washington State and local school boards: Increase and maintain support for the creative and performing arts, vocational education, and physical education.

Federal Government: Loan money to students at the same rate offered to large banks through the Federal Reserve discount window.

U.S. Congress: Make public universities and colleges tuition free.

Washington State Legislature: Lower the threshold for passing local school bonds from 60% to simple majority, the same as for levies.

Washington State Legislature: Protect student athletes at public universities and colleges from losing scholarships as a result of injury.

Federal government: Implement the funding provisions allowed under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) to allocate or fully fund the 40 percent of the additional increased costs for special needs students.

Washington State Legislature: Stop the privatization and corporatization of public education, such as Pearson Company GED testing that displaces teachers in the classroom.