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A free, universal public school system is the backbone of our democratic society and a thriving, competitive economy. We support excellent-quality public education, pre-school through university, with equal access for all. The 2008 national platform states that Countries that out-educate us today will out-compete us tomorrow.

Our Values

Education is a cornerstone of a healthy democracy, and a thriving, competitive economy.  A vibrant public education system ensures our nation's bright future.

Today Washington State has created jobs which cannot be filled by graduates of our schools.  To raise a level of education we must accomplish the following.

It is our collective duty to ensure that there is ample funding to support high quality and appropriate education for all children. We must ensure access to educational opportunities for all students and foster respect for the diverse cultural communities of Whatcom County.

We believe that schools should be a safe place for all students.

The work of public educators is vital and their salaries and benefits should be comparable with other professionals with similar experience and educational requirements.

We oppose public funding of for-profit charter schools and school vouchers.

2012 Policy Priorities

Full funding for pre-kindergarten through higher education including vocational and basic skills education.

Eliminating the use of only costly, high-stakes tests to assess school performance.

Increasing and maintaining support for the creative and performing arts, vocational education, and physical education.