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Government, Media and Election Reform

Our American government should support the needs of its citizens and act with the highest ethical standards and be answerable to the people it serves.

Our Values

Transparency, compassion and careful planning are essential to a full and functioning democracy.

We support wide participation in the political process by citizens and a rejection of the corrosive influence of corporate money on our government.

We regard voting to be a right, not a privilege.   American should be able to register to vote, have an opportunity to cast their ballot without intimidation, and every vote must  be counted.

U.S. businesses should not be allowed to evade taxes by incorporating offshore.

We strongly support a level-playing field for all potential candidates, incumbent or challenger.

Local, state, and federal governments should respect decisions of the Native American Nations and tribal governments, affirm their treaty rights, and oppose attempts to diminish their sovereignty and cultures.

We believe in restoring the ethic of public service in all activities of government.

In order to assure an open democracy, media must be able to operate independent of corporate merger and domination.

Public radio and public television should be accorded adequate, stable funding free of political pressure.

An informed public must have uncensored access to reporting from theaters of war, so long as such reporting does not reveal tactical information nor endanger our troops.

Recognizing the Internet as the conduit of “new media,” the FCC should guarantee Internet neutrality—in which all users and content providers have equal access to Internet service, without discrimination or prioritization on the basis of source, destination, or technology.

2012 Policy Priorities

Fix the antiquated Senate rules that allow abuse of the filibuster.

Establish a strong system to publicly finance elections.

Institute a ban on electronic voting machines without a voter-verifiable paper ballot, and at least a sample mini-audit of the accuracy of the machine counts.

Support a Constitutional Amendment to ban corporate personhood, as well as immediate legislation to stop the effects until the Amendment can be passed.

Assure greater transparency when governments at all levels are writing agreements or legislation.

Remove the upper income limit on Social Security payroll taxes