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Government and Election Reform

Our Values

Transparency is essential to a full and functioning democracy. Over-classification of government documents is not in the public interest. We strongly support the Freedom of Information Act. We oppose prosecution of whistleblowers.

We support wide participation in the process by citizens and a rejection of the corrosive influence of corporate money on our government.

We regard voting to be a right, not a privilege. We oppose all forms of voter suppression. Abolish the caucus system of selecting delegates and use the already established Washington State primary to award delegates to the Democratic Party nominating convention.

We strongly support a level-playing field for all potential candidates, incumbent or challenger.

We believe in restoring the ethic of public service in all activities of government.

Lawmakers must not adopt unfunded mandates.

2016 Policy Priorities

Washington State Legislature: Adopt automatic voter registration, as in Oregon & California.

Washington State Legislature: Adopt Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) for all elections.

Washington State Legislature: Amend the State Constitution to make the Washington Redistricting Commission less dominated by the two major political parties, and more like the California Citizens Redistricting Commission, which has greatly reduced “safe districts” and made elections more competitive.

U.S. Senate: Fix rules that allow abuse of the filibuster. Require that filibusters for all purposes be based on continually speaking from the floor without recess, and eliminate “holds.”

U.S. Congress, Washington State Legislature: Establish a strong system to publicly finance elections.

Federal Government: Ban electronic voting machines without a voter-verifiable paper ballot, and at least a sample mini-audit of the accuracy of the machine counts.

Federal Government, Washington State, Whatcom County and city governments: Assure greater transparency when governments at all levels are writing agreements or legislation.

Democratic National Committee: Repeal “super delegate” system.

U.S. Congress: Pass a constitutional amendment to eliminate the Electoral College in favor of presidential election by direct popular vote.

U.S. Congress: Make Election Day a national holiday.

U.S. Congress: Set up an independent, non-partisan agency (similar to Elections Canada) to ensure that all U.S. citizens can exercise their choices in federal elections through a widely inclusive and impartial process. This agency would map electoral districts, automatically register all citizens when they turn 18, enforce electoral legislation, and end gerrymandering and voter suppression.

County Council and State Legislature: Run Conservation District elections through county auditors’ offices.

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