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Economic Justice, Labor & Economy

Fairness of economic opportunity and reward for working families is essential for the realization of a democratic society. Our government must provide proper oversight and regulation for the protection of all our citizens, providing a leveler between business and consumers, employers and employees.

Our Values

We believe in a tax structure that is judiciously based on ability to pay. Our government should have the ability to provide vital services and promote the general welfare in times of crisis as well as times of prosperity.

We support strict regulations on banks and credit card companies which protects consumers.

To ensure equal opportunity to access information, we support the policy of Net Neutrality to prevent corporate censorship.

Workers are entitled to a safe work environment, the right to organize. a fair livable wage and trade laws that keep jobs in this country.

2012 Policy Priorities

Provide living wage jobs to Americans by offering work rebuilding and restoring our national infrastructure.

Implement a strong and effective Financial Consumer Protection Agency.

Affirm workers’ right to Collective bargaining.

Provide tax incentives for companies to keep jobs in the US or return them here.

Strengthen and enforce whistle blower laws, which provide active protection and restitution for any who lose their livelihoods.

Encourage transfer of government institutional accounts out of national banks and into local banks and credit unions.

We support the establishment of a Washington State Bank.

Prioritize employee pensions in bankruptcy proceedings.

Enforce separation of Banking and Investment Institutions by reinstating Glass-Steagall laws.