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Whatcom County Democratic Platform & Resolutions

In even-numbered years, Democrats of Whatcom County prepare and adopt a Platform. This document outlines basic principles to which local Democrats subscribe. It identifies issues that Whatcom Democrats will pursue in the succeeding two years and beyond. The Platform also serves as a guiding tool for evaluating candidates seeking Whatcom Democrats' endorsement for election or for support of ballot measures.

The Platform is prepared by a Platform Committee, composed of members of the Whatcom Democrats and participants in their biannual caucuses. The Committee considers discussions at the caucuses and monthly Central Committee meetings. The Committee creates a Draft Platform, which is distributed to the delegates and alternates in advance of the County Convention held in even-numbered years. Following debate and amendment, it is adopted by the County Convention. Whatcom Democrats Precinct Committee Officers and members work to accomplish the goals in the Platform and to communicate regularly with Democratic elected officials to support action consistent with the Platform.


The Whatcom Democrats also adopt resolutions from time to time that define the party's position on specific issues and direct the party's leadership to take certain action. Our Bylaws generally define the scope and process of resolution adoption. In addition, resolutions adopted at the local level may be forwarded to the WA State Democratic Party for consideration.

Steps for having a resolution considered by the Whatcom Democrats:

  1. Only a member of the Whatcom Democrats may submit a resolution for consideration
  2. Check our platform and determine if the issue and position is not already addressed there
  3. By adopting a resolution, the Whatcom Democrats aren't necessarily committing to do anything else. Think about what kind of action you will take once the resolution is adopted. We are a volunteer organization, and members will look to the author of the resolution for leadership on the issue.
  4. Write your resolution. See the sample format in the WA State Democrats' policy.
  5. Submit your resolution to the Issues & Resolution Committee: Chairperson and Meeting Time and EMAIL. The Committee will review the resolution, possibly recommend changes, and may make a recommendation to the membership as to whether it should be considered. The Committee reports all resolutions submitted to it to the membership.
  6. At the next possible Membership Meeting, the Issues & Resolutions Committee will place the resolution on the agenda as New Business. Resolutions may not be adopted at the same meeting they are introduced, unless a 2/3 vote in support of the resolution can be made. The motion to be considered is whether or not to place the resolution on the agenda for consideration at the next possible membership meeting. If a majority of the members present and voting feel the resolution is worthy of consideration, then the resolution will be scheduled for a subsequent meeting and the members will be given notice of the agenda item and text of the resolution.
  7. If adopted by the membership, the author of the resolution should be prepared to shepherd the resolution through the state party resolution process, if that is their desire.

2016 Platform Printable Version

The Democrats gathered at the 2016 County Convention adopted the following platform:

Platform2016Final.pdf181.17 KB