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Criminal Justice

Strong families and safe communities are the highest goals of our society. Crime prevention and rehabilitation are essential to our families, our communities, and our state’s budget. We believe that authorities, communities, and individuals must work together to prevent crime and to make our communities livable. We have a collective responsibility to help alleviate social conditions that lead to crime.

Our Values

We believe that all people should have equal access to the criminal justice system and should be treated equally under the law.

We are committed to banning racial, ethnic, and religious profiling and requiring federal, state, and local enforcement agencies to take steps to eliminate the practice.

We support the United States’ signing of the Geneva Conventions as a cornerstone of contemporary International Humanitarian Law.

We must prioritize crime prevention over criminalization.

2012 Policy Priorities

The decriminalization and regulation of marijuana.

End the death penalty.

Close privately owned prisons and oppose the privatization of prisons overall.

Reform the three strikes law by removing non-violent crimes from the list.

Repeal supreme court decision that allow for excessive strip searches.

The elimination of racial profiling by government or law enforcement.

We support everyone’s access to justice without intervention by ICE authorities within our local court system.

Resolutions have been adopted by members since the platform was originally written:

Feb 21, 2013 - Support Bill to end death penalty in Washington State146.66 KB