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This Year Vote from the Bottom Up

by Riley Sweeney

We all know what is at stake this year. Are we going to hand over our country to a vulture capitalist or are we going to keep rebuilding our communities? Are we going to fund education on the state-wide level or toss it to the private industry wolves? Are we going to take a step forward for equality, or a step backward towards bigotry? This election will change lives, and it is up to us to make that happen

We here at the Whatcom Democrats are a bottom-up organization. We start at the grassroots level, bringing your passion, your voice, your energy and your ideas up through our elected officials and into the public sphere. This year, we urge you to vote your ballot from the bottom-up as well. Start with ensuring marriage equality for all Washingtonians. Continue on to securing another 582 million dollars in revenue for education and health care through marijuana sales. Knock out two conservative proposals that threaten our schools and our functioning government and then on to the candidates. Start with our local races, where Matt Krogh and Natalie McClendon are trying their hardest to uproot two of the most extreme members of our state legislature, or if you live in the 40th, protect three of the most diligent champions of our schools, drinking water and jobs. Then before long you are in the thick of it with judicial candidates (vote Deborra Garrett) and state supreme court candidates (Sheryl McCloud!) and then plow through the state-wide candidates, tell Rob McKenna where to shove it with a vote for Jay Inslee. Say no to Tea party insanity and yes to good jobs with a vote for Suzan DelBene and finally reward yourself for all that hard work with a vote for President Obama.

Too often, Democrats in particular don't finish their ballots. They check the box for President and maybe Senator and then say, "I'm beat. Let's call that good." This year, let's beat the odds. Let's ensure that every Democratic ballot is fully marked. This is our year, let's make it as big a win as possible, and every big win starts . . . from the bottom up!