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Thanks to Volunteers and Candidates

by Daydre Phillips, Outreach Committee Chair

I would like to thank all of the volunteers and candidates who participated in the Outreach Committee’s activities during the last few months of the election. It took every single person working together to make this election the success that it was. If I have forgotten anyone, I do apologize, and want everyone who participated to know how much your efforts are appreciated.

Volunteers: Sharon and Don Alford, Artemis, Louise Bjornson, Marilyn Brown, Sunny Brown, Catherine Chambers, Emma Conlee, Laurel Cook, Katherine Dalen, Mike Estes, Edgar Franks, Camille Hackler, Kathryn Hanowell, Maggie Hanson, Ruth Higgins, Cheryl Hockett-Prelle, Ronalee Kincaid, Pat Jerns, Al Krause, Vernell Lane, John McGarrity, Tim McMurry, Judy Mullenix, Sheila Pfieffer, George Sandhu, Mrs Rajinder K. Sandhu, Linda Schonborn, Steve Schuck, Bob Seaman, Theodora Sideras, Satpal Sidhu, Stowe Talbot, Andrew Taylor, Charlie Ward, and Alyce and George Werkema.


Candidates, their campaign managers and representatives from the initiative campaigns: Hue Beattie, Madeline Cavazos, Lauren Currin, Representative Suzan DelBene, Phillip and Kathleen Drew, Karen Funston, Deborra Garrett, Lisa Herzog, Germaine Kornegay, Matt Krogh, Representative Kristine Lytton, Natalie McClendon, Nick Milhoan, Tara Nelson, Michelle Meaker Pin, Senator Kevin Ranker, Riley Sweeney, Mary Swenson and Greg Winter.


Vernell Lane, Native Votes Coordinator of the Lummi Nation, made an excellent and tireless effort to get out the vote. We greatly appreciate her hard work.

Gwen Groden, the Whatcom Democrats Program Coordinator, with her cheerful, consistent support for all of the Outreach activities was a great help in making all of our efforts successful.


I would especially like to thank Mike Estes, Whatcom Democrats Chair, for his quiet supportive leadership. Although it was a busy time for him, taking over his chair in the middle of a campaign season, he made the effort to attend every one of our events. He was one of the most active members of the committee.