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What I'm Thankful For...

by Gwen Groden

The Whatcom Democrats is an organization run by volunteers, who work very hard and spend many hours to bring progressive Democratic candidates and values to our county, state and country. I am humbled by the dedication of our board members, our candidates, our phone bankers, canvassers, and our members.

I especially want to thank our office volunteers, who come into the office every week to answer phones and do the tasks that need to be done to keep an office running. These people can be relied on whether it is for mailing out the newsletters, emptying the trash and vacuuming, data entry, or performing a special project for a candidate. They support me when I need help, make me laugh, and encourage me when I need a positive word.

My special thanks to Sharon Alford, Marilyn Brown, Laurel Cook, Emma Conlee, Shirley Jacobson, Ronalee Kincaid, Naomi Murphy, Carol Quimby, Theadora Sideras, Charlie Ward, and Judy Mullenix. These people work hard for our party and make my job a heck of a lot easier and enjoyable!