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Whatcom Democrats Elect Leadership Team

After a series of strong electoral victories in 2012, the Whatcom County Democrats chose to re-elected their leadership team for the next two years. Mike Estes, who became chair early in 2012 after the former chair Natalie McClendon resigned to run for State Legislature, spoke to the priorities of the party. “In 2012, we saw what strong candidates and hard work can accomplish. Let's do that again.”

Women's health-care advocate Stephanie Kountouros and prominent leftleaning blogger Riley Sweeney were elected first and second vice-chair respectively. “With the success of Suzan Delbene and Deborra Garrett, it shows that Democratic values are not constrained to the Bellingham city limits,” Sweeney said.

Richard May, a businessman from Blaine and former candidate for state legislature, is joined by Catherine Chambers, president of the Washington State Federation of Democratic Women, as the state committee representatives from Whatcom county.

Long-time party volunteers Aileen Satushek and Peggy Borgens rounded out the leadership team as Secretary and Treasurer. Estes is optimistic about the party future, “2013 is going to be a good year.”